How to Recover Forgotten iPhone Passcode And Recovery Process

protecting your iPhone passcode is of great value, but sometimes you might slip into the trap of forgetting it. If you neglect the passcode and inscribe it six times wrongly, your iPhone will be impaired. Depending on your settings, it might direct to your iPhone erasing your data.

You can attend these measures to regain access to the iPhone.

How To Fix a Forgotten iPhone Passcode By Deleting Your Data

iPhones have so many benefits. However, its exceptional security comes back to drive users when obtaining your forgotten iPhone passcode. This step involves deleting data on your iPhone and restoring data backup (if there is any).

Deleting all data on the iPhone will clear away the old passcode so you can fix up the phone again using a new passcode.

Indeed, iCloud is always the solution to the iPhone problem, and here again, it is the resue. However, it won’t be the master if you have not been backing up your data. That’s why it is prudent to backups always else you will lose all your data.

What to Do After Erasing Your iPhone

The procedure will take the iPhone to the new state before anything was installed or save on it. You could either set up from scratch or restore up.

What you want to do in this case is restore from back up. Because setting up from scratch will skip the attempt to restore previous data before wiping the iPhone passcode.

Restore a Backup From iTunes on a Computer

When you sync your iPhone with iTunes on a computer, the data, settings, and other information on the phone are backed up.

To restore a backup for your iPhone:

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer with iTunes on the computer (where your data was backed up).
  • Tap the iPhone icon on the top of the iTunes app.
  • Tap to Restore Backup (thus this will enable you to add a new iPhone passcode).
  • Click Restore.
  • Enter your Apple ID to begin the backup restoration.
  • iTunes reloads the backup data onto your phone.

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