Mozilla Firefox Browser – Download Free Latest Version

Mozilla Firefox or Firefox is a free web browser that is developed by Mozilla Foundation, and it is subsidiary the Mozilla Corporation. The app (Firefox) is available for Windows, Mac-OS, and Linux Operating System.

The iOS version was published in late 2015. But, this version doesn’t use Gecko because of Apple’s limitations. That is, not allowing third-party web browsers to the Web-kit based design engine built into iOS.

Firefox, created in 2002 and was named Phoenix by the Mozilla community who wanted a stand-alone browser. It is one of the best web browsers in the world. For the first nine months that it was released, the browser had more than 60 million downloads.

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  • Features of Mozilla Firefox

    Mozilla Firefox provides you with enjoyable features, some are:

    Maneuver Searches

    Directly search for everything with the identified address bar. Unless you know the exact web address you are searching for, or worry less because Mozilla Firefox provides you with a URL bar that gives you suggestions on the existing bookmark, history, tags, and popular search. Just begin to type the web address you want and see the magic.

    Files Protection

    Relish chatting personally with tracking protection. You can browse the internet without storing any data on your computer. Information about the sites and pages you’ve visited. To do this, click on the menu button. After that, click on New Private Button, you can also right-click on the webpage to open a link on the new private window.


    Firefox also assists users to block offensive trackers that are tracking your behavior on the web page. Keep your Firefox in sync to enjoy setting up your Firefox account so that you will be able to take your browsing data wherever you go without delay.

    To feel this just follow the guide below.

    Start your browser and visit the website at On the web page locate the menu button and click on it. Then, select sign in to sync and follow the information provided on the webpage to create your account. After doing all these. Sign in the newly opened account or another to enjoy the services provided for users on the platform.

    Menu Bar Customisation

    You can customize the menu bar or toolbar of your Mozilla Firefox account. To enhance the menu bar to your taste and carry out this feature, follow the guide below.

    On the homepage of your Mozilla Firefox browser click on the menu button, then choose the ” customize button”. After selecting the customize button just move and drop the features you like. When you are through just click on the ”Done” button to complete your work.

    While browsing with your Firefox web browser and you find an interesting web page, you can save it to your bookmark.

    Firefox Browser

    How to Download Mozilla Firefox

    Note: you have access to download this app on any device like your Androids, Windows, iOS, Linux, etc.

    These two schemes can be used to download Mozilla Firefox web browser application software for any compatible device.


    To download Mozilla Firefox, launch your web browser either with your mobile phone or your Personal Computer. visit the website Then once the page loads completely click on the Download box icon underneath the advert placement. then wait for it to begin.

    Alternative Download

    You can also download this web browser application by searching via keyword. You should know the version of the app software which you intend to download. And type the keyword in the google search box. After searching, click on any of the suggestions displayed on your device screen and begin the download.

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