Top Security App For Android Phone And Tablets

Top Security App For Android Phone And Tablet-Security app should be a must on android devices. Weights of apps are revealed when you use the search term security apps’ on google search. Some apps can help you guarantee the security of your phone to a large extent. These apps include anti-virus and anti-malware apps.

Best Security App

After cleaning a massive list of apps, we were able to come out with these apps. Some of them require absolutely no payment, while others in-app purchase.

Resilio Sync

Resilio Sync app allows you to create your cloud storage. It can turn your computer to a cloud storage servee lets you create your cloud storage. The computer version turns your regular, everyday computer into a cloud storage server. The security app automatically syncs data on your phone or tablet to your laptop.

It acts just like a cloud service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. The only difference is that you know where the files are going to. The app is especially for those who do not trust the online cloud and can not afford to keep some sensitive data on their mobile device.



The Bouncer security app can manage permissions to your phone. You can enable temporary access to an app and add a license again. It will then automatically remove the agreement later for you.

Find My Device by Google

The Find My Device can be seen as googles’ reply to find my iPhone service on apple. It helps you track down the location of your phone at any time. It is especially useful when the phone is missing. Just like the Apple version, you can also erase, message as well as remotely lock your phone.

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