The Zoom app: Zoom Cloud Meetings & How To Login   

By now you should have heard about The Zoom app, well if you haven’t heard about the platform we will tell you more about it. The platform recently got very popular due to the coronavirus pandemic going on the whole world.

The question now is that what is so special about this zoom we are talking about? well, I tell you straight away, but you will have to read this article from the beginning to the end for more important information. Just in case you are thinking that you would be wasting your time reading this article, then let me tell you you are wrong because we have a whole lot to tell you.

The Zoom

When the coronavirus came out early this year the virus became an issue for everyone the means of communication issue arose. Well, it was no surprise that lots of businesses and social activities were put on hold due to the effect of the virus-like social distancing and the rest. At this period, many video calling tools gained popularity and fame.

One of the most prominent platforms in the business to gain even more fame and popularity was the zoom platform. In which we were talking about, for some people, you already know that the platform is an online video calling tool. What more do you know? But not just that there are many more features it came with.


The question now is what is zoom?

Zoom has become so popular with the coronavirus pandemic all over everywhere. As people are looking for ways to communicate effectively with each other, they have however turned to zoom to make this possible.

There are many video conferencing tools in the world, but this very tool is well known for its compatibility when it comes to hosting business meetings with colleagues and clients all over the world. Zoom also gives its users high-quality video and audio to enjoy. The basic version of these tools is completely free.

But the premium packages and versions are not free. The premium versions give its users up to 1000 meetings for its participants, unlimited phone calls, call recording and so much more can you see that?

Zoom Free

This platform is mainly used by business owners and entrepreneurs amongst others. Zoom is free and also a paid platform. This means while some will cost you a fee the other one won’t cost you a dime to use. The platform is free of course when signing, but that is not what this header is all about. The basic plan on the platform which is best used for personal meetings is for free while the other packages are paid for.

Just like we said the free version of zoom however will provide the basic things you will need. But as most free versions are, this very one is limited to some features.

The free version of zoom offers only 100 participants for its video call for just 40mins only, unlimited one on one meetings, chat, virtual backgrounds, screen sharing, whiteboard and so much more are all in the free version of zoom

 Mobile zoom and Desktop zoom the comparisons

The desktop version for zoom is riddled with some features that you will not find in mobile versions of cause you don’t expect both to be the same.

With the small screen, mobile features, and a host of others make the desktop version much better. mobile devices only allow four participants per video call at once in zoom. While desktops on the other hand support only 49 people at most.

Zoom Login

Logging in to your account is free and you can choose to sign in to your zoom account with your email address as far its correct, SSO, Google, or Facebook. 

The Zoom app

  • Visit the link Zoom Sign In to start with
  • Enter your email address and your password in the login field correctly
  • Then sign in.

Your account will be opened immediately. If on the other hand, you signed up for an account with your Google account, Facebook account, or SSO, you will have to choose the options made available for them.

Zoom Account sign-in steps

  • Go to Zoom sign up to start with
  • For verification purposes, you will be prompted to enter your date of birth. Enter it in the boxes 
  • Enter your work email address and click on sign up
  • You will be sent an activation link to your email address immediately.
  • Go to the mail and click on the activate account to begin using the email.

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