Latest Apple Airpod 2 with Wireless Charging Case Review

Today we will be reviewing Apple Airpod 2 with wireless Charging Case review (newly updated “Hey Siri” and new H1 chip). Are you an Airpod Lover? Then this Amazing article is for you. In this article, we get to talk about the Airpod 2 Full review such as the Design, Capability, Price and much more.

Same Earbud Design

If you ever hated the original Airpods, then there is no way you could like the Airpods 2 why because comparison tells it all that the original Airpod and the new Airpods2 are very much identical that is, no visible difference between them.

Airpod 2 2019 Wireless Capability

The only visible change between the First and Second generation of the Airpod is that the new wireless charging case features a mirror-finished hinge on the wired Charging Case versus a matte-finished hinge, a setup button on the rear that has been placed a few millimeters higher and a LED charging status indicators that have been moved from the inside of the case to the front of the case.

No AirPower Yet

There is no AirPower yet and I still wonder why this is taking forever, but I guess this would be changing soon based on the fact that Apple outright name-drops AirPower on the box of its new Airpods.

Lightning Remains an Option

There is no change in the lightning, the Airpod 2 owners still get a lightning connector along with a lightning cable in the box and this a great news for those that don’t have access to a wireless charger or for those that want the fastest possible charge.

Better battery life for longtime AirPods owners

If you have been using the original AirPod over the years, then there is no doubt that you must have experienced a decrease in battery life. Although, the new Airpod does not promise more battery life when new than their predecessors, for the fact, you are getting a new battery give more battery life depending on how long you have used your original AirPod.

Apple Airpod

Enhanced Siri Voice

You must have observed that Siri’s voice with the AirPods 2 sounds noticeably better, more crisp, and more clear which makes it more pleasant to the ears than the original AirPod that has the lackluster sound quality of the assistance’s voice.

AirPods 2 increased talk time

The original AirPod talk time is 2 hours while the new Airpod 2 is 3 hours that is, users of Airpod 2 will enjoy 50% more talk time on a full charge.

Faster Device Switching with AirPods 2

There is no doubt that the H1 wireless chip is faster when it comes to switching off the device but with the AirPods 2, switching between active devices is twice faster than the original AirPod.

Voice-activated Hands-free Hey Siri

Voice-activated Hey Siri gives the users of Airpods 2 an assistant experience that is more personal than ever before. The successor to the W1 wireless chip, Apple’s new H1 chip found in the original Airpods brings faster connections, performance efficiencies and additional talk time but its biggest contribution to the new AirPods is hands-free voice-activated Hey Siri that can say anything you would virtually use Siri for. One of the biggest advancements of AirPod 2 is that you can do it all without raising a finger and Siri will directly respond in your ear privately and it’s, of course, a killer feature for those that use AirPods regularly.

Faster connection time for phone calls

According to Apple, the new AirPod 2 has a 1.5x faster connection time for phone calls.

Lower gaming latency

The AirPod 2 features 30% less latency when gaming, so that the sound in your ears closely matches what you see on the screen. When the original AirPod and AirPod 2 were compared, I could tell that there was less latency while using AirPod 2 although, it was not able to place a percentage on the latency difference.

9to5Mac’s Take

The greatest downside with the AirPod is that the buds are the same from a design perspective. Although, that is both a downside and an upside. It’s sure an upside for those that enjoy currently the fit of the AirPods because there is no difference from the one of before and it is a downside for those whose ear does not work for the AirPods, maybe due lack of comfort or fit.

Price: $199

The features of the AirPod 2 includes;

  • 50 percent more talk time.
  • Optional wireless charging case.
  • Twice as fast at switching device.
  • “Hey, Siri” functionality.
  • New H1 chip.

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