WhatsApp Dark Mode: Enable It On Android & iPhone.

WhatsApp dark mode is the latest design version of the WhatsApp app, which interchanges its usual current light gray and green for darker colors that are created to transmit less glare at night. It doesn’t change the current look but it is an optional setting for anyone who desires to apply it.

There are numerous reasons why users want to use this effect. First of all, you might be among the people who find dark backgrounds more comfortable to look at for long-drawn periods of time, or at night. To highlight the point to your understanding.

WhatsApp Darker screens effect also uses less battery power Lastly, it just looks cool and makes an extraordinary change from all-white interfaces. 

 WhatsApp dark mode

How To Get WhatsApp Dark Mode For Android

If you’re on Android, you can head on over to Google Play to opt-out of the beta, if you were previously participating. Update WhatsApp from Google Play or the App Store, and the app should follow whatever system settings you’re using for dark or light mode.

  • launch, the app menu at the right top sider…
  • Click on Settings
  • select Chats
  • then on Theme collum
  • click on the option …Dark Mode

If you haven’t yet got the back color, you can still try WhatsApp dark mode if you’re part of the Android beta program. At the time of writing the program is currently perfect, but new spaces may become available soon.

 WhatsApp Dark Mode For iPhone

Once you have gotten the latest update, beginning WhatsApp dark mode is just as easy as it is on Android phones:

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