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Glo Special Data Offer 2023: Get 5GB for Just N500 on Glo Network

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Glo Special Data Offer

Glo Special Data Offer

In today’s digitally connected world, affordable and reliable data plans are important. Nigeria’s leading telecommunications provider, Glo, offers plenty of plans to cater to users’ needs, from budget-friendly plans to unlimited packages. Explore Glo’s best data plans, including the Special Data Offer, Yakata Data Plan, and Unlimited Glo Data Plan, to unlock seamless internet connectivity at unbeatable prices.

Glo network offers daily, weekly, and monthly data plans, as well as a special "Glo special data offer" for all mobile subscribers.
1GB (Special 300) ₦300 1 Day *777#
2GB (Special 500) ₦500 2 Days *777#
7GB (Special 1500) ₦1,500 1 Week *777#

Glo special data offer

The Glo special data offer provides data at lower prices compared to Glo’s regular data plans. The special offer includes 1GB of data for ₦300 instead of the usual 1.35GB for that price. Customers can also get 2GB of data for ₦500 under the special offer. The biggest savings are for 7GB of data, which costs ₦1,500 under the special offer while the regular price for 7GB would be around ₦2,500. In summary, the Glo special data offer provides significantly more data at lower prices compared to Glo’s regular data plans.

Who is meant to use Glo’s special data offer?

Glo offers a special data offer to all mobile subscribers, available in three variations: Special 300, Special 500, and Special 1500. These plans come with prices, durations, and subscription codes, regardless of your current tariff plan. The table below displays all three data plans and their respective prices and codes.

How to Active Glo special data offer

To subscribe to the special data offers by Glo, follow these steps: First, open your phone’s call dialer app and dial the code *777# then press send. Second, select option “1” to access “Data”. Third, select option “1” again to go to “Buy Data Plan”. Fourth, select option “1” to enable “Auto-Renew” or option “2” otherwise. Fifth, select option “5” to access “Special Data Offer”. Sixth, select option “1” to go to “Special Plans”. Finally, simply select the special data plan you wish to subscribe to from the list of options. The process is quite simple.

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