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How to Automatically Delete OTP and 2FA Codes From Your iPhone

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How to Delete iPhone 2FA Codes with iOS 17

How to Delete iPhone 2FA Codes with iOS 17

How to Delete iPhone 2FA Codes with iOS 17 – iOS 17 provides a feature that deletes used authentication codes received as text messages or emails. This feature is currently in beta and can only be enabled by installing the iOS 17 beta on your iPhone.

It also allows your iPhone to clean up 2FA text messages automatically. 2-factor authentication (2FA) protects online accounts by requiring a one-time code that can be received through SMS, email, or other means. iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 allow iPhones 14 or compatible devices to automatically delete texts and emails containing 2FA codes after inserting them.

This feature clears your inboxes and saves you time. While iOS 17 allows other flashier features like StandBy smart display, stickers in Messages, and Contact Posters, the auto-deletion of iPhone verification codes is a handy feature that you may benefit from regularly or even daily. While creating accounts with non-SMS-based verification codes is preferable, this feature is handy for providers that do not provide 2FA via an advanced authentication code-generating tool.

How to Automatically OTPs From Messages and Mail on Your iPhone

iOS 17’s Clean Up Automatically setting addresses the issue of cluttering Messages and Mail apps with OTPs from multiple apps.

To remove verification codes, o to your phone the Settings app on your iPhone,

tap Passwords Options and toggle on the Clean Up Automatically switch under Verification Codes.

This feature automatically deletes messages or emails with verification codes, a feature not mentioned at WWDC 2023.

How to Delete iPhone 2FA Codes with iOS 17
How to Delete iPhone 2FA Codes with iOS 17

Bonus tip – Declutter Your Inbox

Apple’s iOS 17 release simplifies decluttering your Messages app by introducing the Clean Up Automatically setting, which saves time and hassle. iPhone and iPad now have automatic 2FA verification code autofill, allowing users to access their verification codes without opening another app. This feature is also available on macOS Monterey. Additionally, iOS 17 introduces shared iCloud Keychain Passwords, making managing credentials easier than ever.

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