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12 New Best iOS 17 Hidden Features: According to Expert

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iOS 17 Hidden Features

iOS 17 Hidden Features

The introduction of iOS 17 by Apple, which gives the iPhone a number of interesting new features, was recently revealed. While Apple pointed out certain major modifications during their presentation, there are lots of additional features users might find after installing the update. The purpose of these hidden features is to improve the entire iOS experience and raise user satisfaction.

During the introduction, multiple important features were introduced, including live voicemail, StandBy mode, mental wellbeing, Safari profiles, and interactive widgets. There are a few more hidden features, though, that Apple failed to announce live.

This post will discuss these iOS 17 hidden features and provide readers with a thorough rundown of what they can expect from iOS 17. Although these features may not have been considered worthy of the layout, they can strongly improve the iPhone’s accessibility and performance.

Users who explore iOS 17 will discover helpful improvements that weren’t first mentioned. Changes to the Phone, FaceTime, and Messages applications are among them. Now, users can get useful information while the iPhone is charging, create beautiful contact cards, exchange contacts with animation effects, make custom stickers, and create attractive contact cards.

Overall, iOS 17 provides plenty of amazing upgrades that go above and beyond what was first introduced. Users could expect to learn about these hidden features and make use of an improved iOS experience.

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Best iOS 17 Hidden Features

Password-Share With Family

you easily Share passwords and passkeys with trusted contacts by creating a group and choosing what to share. Control the addition or removal of others by going to Settings > Passwords > Family Passwords and following the on-screen instructions.

Access to private windows is made simpler in Safari

The Private tab in Safari is a practical solution for preventing website tracking over multiple sessions. The procedure involves a four-step approach and is not easy to understand. It may now be completed in as few as three simple actions by Apple: tapping the bottom-right corner, swiping to the right, and tapping Done. It becomes more simple to use and activates Face ID while allowing access to private windows.

Screen Time in Screen Distance Area

iOS 17 alerts users to keep screens far from the eyes to reduce eye strain and increase the risk of myopia in children. Enable the screen distance toggle in Settings > Screen Time > Screen Distance.

Additional Ways to Check iPhone Storage

The iPhone Storage menu displays breakdown data and allows app sorting by size, name, and last used date.

Easy Download Offline Maps

iPhone users complain about Apple Maps’ lack of offline functionality; iOS 17 introduces an offline map download option.

Improved iMessage App Control Method

it has been made easy Instead of having to navigate through the iMessage app itself, users can now access and control their iMessage apps directly from the Settings app. To do this, simply go to the Settings app on your iPhone, then navigate to Messages and select iMessage Apps. Here, you will find a list of all the iMessage apps that you have installed.

If you want to delete a specific app, simply tap on the red delete button next to it and confirm by tapping Delete. It’s important to note that deleting an app from this screen will not only remove it from iMessage but also from your home screen. This new feature offers a more convenient and centralized way to manage your iMessage apps, making it easier to organize and customize your messaging experience.

Auto-Clean-Up Verification Codes

All the verification can auto-clean on its own from the settings. Search for auto-clean, then enter the right option.

Warning for Sensitive Content

Apple introduces a privacy toggle that detects and warns users of sensitive content on their iPhones, offering guidance on safe choices.

Changes to the iPhone home screen

iOS 16 always moves the social folder to the next page when adding an app, requiring icons to be rearranged. iOS 17 does not change this behavior, but the new user interface offers the Undo Move option, which undoes changes made to icon positioning.

To locate this feature, shake your iPhone. Additionally, new apps appear on the first blank space, causing the newly-installed app icon to appear on the second page instead of the last page after all already-installed apps.

Customized New Widgets

Apple introduces new clock and calendar widgets on iOS 17, along with a Safari widget for quick access to reading lists from the home screen.

Using Safari, listen to a website

Safari on iOS 17 now supports reading web pages, but only text-heavy pages like blogs and articles support it. The controls are barebones, and users wish Apple provided a better interface for playback control in upcoming beta versions.

Improvements to FaceTime and Phone

Apple has introduced personalized contact posters, live voicemail, and voicemail for FaceTime. Users can now create a full-screen contact card for friends and family, called personalized contact posters. If you are unable to pick up a call, voicemails will be automatically transcribed and read. iOS 17 also allows users to send short video voicemails if they can’t reach someone on FaceTime.

Conclusion on Hidden iOS 17 Features

Despite not bringing forth an important makeover, iOS 17 is a notable Apple update that includes hidden features and animation enhancements all across the UI.

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