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How to Share Data on Glo In 2 Minutes – The Most Easiest Methods

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How to Share Data on Glo

How to Share Data on Glo

This blog post explains how to share data on the Glo network using affordable plans and methods like USSD code and the Glo Café app. With expert guidance and straightforward techniques,glo subscribers can easily share data with other Glo numbers or networks within 2 minutes. The guide ensures a seamless data-sharing experience for subscribers.

Glo data sharing service allows subscribers to add up to five other subscribers as beneficiaries to their data subscription plan. This enables beneficiaries to browse the internet on their phones using the main subscriber’s data, provided the main subscriber has an active subscription. The tutorial demonstrates sharing data with beneficiaries and removing them if they are using too much data.

The benefits of sharing data on Glo

Sharing data on Glo is great for teams who want to collaborate better and be more productive. All team members can access the same data shared by the host – in real-time – so there are no version control issues. Plus, with centralized storage, data is accessible from anywhere, even for remote teams. Security is taken care of too, so sensitive info is safe while still giving authorized users access.

You can use each other’s Wiffi if not from the data to help improve your work. Glo also has task management and notification features to make the workflow easier and progress monitoring faster. Plus, it tracks the history of changes, so transparency stays and you can go back to earlier versions. All in all, sharing data on Glo is great for collaboration, a must for teams.

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How to share data on Glo

To share data on Glo, you can follow these steps:

1. Visit the Glo website or open the Glo mobile app on your device.
2. Log in to your Glo account using your username and password.
3. Navigate to the “Data” section or look for an option that says “Share Data” or similar.
4. Select the option to share data, which may include entering the phone number of the recipient.
5. Specify the amount of data you want to share with the recipient.
6. Confirm the transaction and wait for a confirmation message indicating that the data has been successfully shared.

share data on Glo using USSD

To add a recipient’s number to your data beneficiaries, dial *777# in the call dialer app. From the menu, select “Data” and then “Share Data Plan.” Enter the recipient’s number and click “Share”. A message will appear confirming the number has been added.

How to keep your data safe when sharing on Glo

To ensure data safety on Glo, follow these tips:

1. Protect login credentials by using strong, easily guessable passwords. Avoid using common passwords or sharing them with others.
2. Verify recipient details by double-checking the recipient’s phone number or account information.
3. Use a secure connection when accessing your Glo account or performing data-sharing activities. Avoid public Wi-Fi networks, as they can be more susceptible to hacking and data interception.
4. Be wary of phishing attempts by checking emails, messages, or calls that claim to be from Glo and asking for your account information. Verify the authenticity of these requests before providing personal information.
5. Regularly review your account activity and data usage on Glo. If you notice any unauthorized or suspicious transactions, contact Glo’s customer care immediately and report the issue.
6. Keep software up to date by updating your device’s operating system, antivirus software, and Glo app. Software updates often include security patches that address vulnerabilities and protect your data. Exercise caution and be vigilant when sharing data or engaging in online activities to ensure the safety and security of your information.

The Disadvantage of sharing data on Glo

Sharing data on Glo can enable connections and provide other benefits, but it also has some potential disadvantages. Data usage concerns can reduce personal data consumption while transmitting sensitive information between devices or accounts poses security risks. Misuse or abuse of shared data may result in unanticipated additional fees or a reduction of available data for personal use.

NOTE, data sharing may not permit retrieval or reclaim of shared data, which could necessitate additional expenditures or reliance on the recipient to return the favor. If the recipient’s device or plan is not compatible with the shared data, compatibility issues may arise, leading to technical difficulties or ineffective use. Before sharing data on Glo, it is crucial to balance these disadvantages against the prospective benefits.

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