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How to Install AirPods Beta New Firmware on iOS 17 (2024 Guide)

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How to install AirPods beta Firmware 

How to install AirPods beta Firmware 

Apple recently released the AirPods 6 beta, version 6a238h, for the AirPods 3, Pro, Max, and Pro 2. This is the first test version of the upcoming big firmware upgrade, which is set to be released in September.

Firmware betas for the AirPods Pro are only available to developers and are difficult to install. Installing the software should be avoided by non-developers. In June, Apple announced a new Adaptive Audio function for the AirPods Pro 2 that combines Adaptive Transparency with Active Quiet Reduction.

The functionality is more difficult to use than just installing the iOS 17 beta. Follow these instructions to install the AirPods beta below:

How to install AirPods beta Firmware

How to install AirPods beta Firmware 
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The Adaptive Audio beta is only available with AirPods Pro 2, and installation is at your own risk. To install the beta, first, download the iOS 17 developer beta on your iPhone. Check if you can turn on Developer Mode by going to your iPhone’s Settings > Privacy & Security > Developer Mode. If it’s there, turn it on and skip to step 12.

On your Mac, log in with your Apple ID for free. Under Program Resources, choose Software Downloads, and then click the blue download button. Open the Xcode_15_beta.xip file and open it on your iPhone running iOS 17. Connect your iPhone to your Mac, and choose Privacy & Security > swipe to the bottom and tap Developer Mode. Turn on and restart your iPhone.

Go back to Settings on your iPhone, choose Developer (under TV Provider), and tap Pre-Release Beta Firmware. Tap the toggle next to your AirPods Pro 2. Apple says that firmware updates will be installed when your AirPods are in their charging case and nearby this iPhone.

You can’t force install the AirPods beta update, but you can check when it auto-installs by heading to Bluetooth or the top of iOS Settings > tap your AirPods Pro 2. Adaptive Audio will be enabled when AirPods Pro 2 updates from 5E135 to build 6A238h or 6A262d.

New AirPods 6a238h Features

A splash screen appears immediately after the upgrade, alerting you of the Adaptive Audio features introduced in this firmware and urging you to enable them:

– Adaptive Noise Control adjusts external noise
– Personalized Volume adjusts media volume based on the environment
– Conversation Awareness switches to Transparency mode and reduces media volume when speaking to others
– These features are only available for AirPods Pro 2 model

How to Fix AirPods 6 Beta Not Available?

If firmware 6a238h isn’t installing on AirPods Developer beta updates, ensure your wireless earbuds are compatible with the update, which supports AirPods 3, Pro, Max, and Pro 2.

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How do I install AirPods beta firmware?

locate your iPhone Settings -> Privacy & Security, tap “Developer Mode” and “Pre-Release Beta Firmware” under AirPods Testing. Enable the toggle against the AirPods name.

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AirPods receive firmware updates automatically while charging and in Bluetooth range of connected devices. Users can check the latest version using their iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

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Firmware Issues with AirPods

After installing the new beta firmware, the AirPods Pro cannot be downgraded to a release version. Apple advises against placing un-updated earbuds in the charging case, as they may be updated with the firmware. Unauthorized installation could result in unusable AirPods and out-of-warranty repairs.

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