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How to Enable & Use Apple ProRAW in 48MP iPhone 14 Pro Camera

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iPhone 14 Pro Camera


The camera built into the iPhone 14 Pro has been upgraded to 48MP with a complex quad-pixel sensor, allowing for higher-quality photos. The camera captures 12MP pictures by default; however, getting the full 48MP quality is necessary for shooting outstanding cropping and editing.

It has four times the resolution of a 12MP camera, with 8064 x 6048 pixels. ProRAW @ 48MP, Apple’s latest artificial intelligence (AI) model, provides an unlike-anything level of information, allowing new creative processes for pros. Users must activate settings and the Camera app to take super-detailed images.

Enabling the 48MP ProRAW mode is important since it produces highly accurate images. Follow the steps below to unlock the full power of the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera.

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How to Enable iPhone 14 Pro’s 48MP Camera

This article shows only the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max users that are equipped with a 48MP primary camera. Follow these instructions to shoot raw photos on your iPhone 12 Pro or 13 Pro:

iPhone 14 Pro Camera
(Images credit: 9to5mac)
iPhone 14 Pro Camera
(Images credit: 9to5mac)

1. Launch the Settings app, scroll down, and select Camera.
2. From the top of the screen, choose Formats.

3. Turn the Apple ProRAW button green to activate ProRAW.
4. Select 48 MP as the ProRAW resolution.
5. In the Camera app, enable ProRAW by pressing RAW in the upper right corner of the screen or the arrow symbol in the top center.
6. Have fun with your greatest raw pictures.

To preserve the ProRAW setting in the camera app, go to Settings > Camera > Preserve Settings > Apple ProRAW instead of resetting it to available but off when opening the default camera.


To take 48MP images, turn on RAW every time you re-open the Camera app unless Preserve Camera settings are enabled. 48MP ProRAW images fill up your internal storage faster than 12MP ProRAW or normal 12MP photos, taking up around 75 megabytes of space. If you plan to take a lot of photos, consider upgrading your iCloud storage.

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