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How to Create and Use Your Personal Voice on iPhone Via iOS 17 Version

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Personal Voice on iPhone

Personal Voice on iPhone is a feature in iOS 17 that allows users to create a computer-generated voice by speaking a few dozen phrases into their device. This feature is a significant advancement over previous tools that required hundreds or thousands of hours of spoken audio. The device records these phrases and uses them to extrapolate a computer-generated voice that can speak any word, making it a significant improvement over previous tools.

Apple’s accessibility features make using the iPhone easier for the specially-abled. With iOS 17, Personal Voice is added, which is particularly helpful for people at risk of losing their voice or ability to speak. This feature preserves the user’s voice and helps communicate with family and friends.

Apple’s commitment to software updates ensures that the iPhone 14 will last for years, so it’s essential to consider bundling it with a case. Software updates not only provide security patches and bug fixes but also introduce new features that make the device even more powerful. One example of this feature is the Personal Voice feature in iOS 17 and iPadOS 17.

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How to Create Personal Voice in iOS 17 Version

To create a personal voice on an iPhone or iPad, go to Settings and tap Accessibility.
Scroll down and select the Personal Voice option under Speech.
Tap Create a Personal Voice and follow the instructions.
Enter a name for the voice and check the sound quality.
Start dictating the phrases displayed on the screen for 15–20 minutes.
– Tap Continue once you have finished recording.
Plug in your iPhone to charge for the voice-generation process.
Tap Allow to give permission for notifications.
Wait for the notification stating your personal voice is ready to use.

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How to use Personal Voice on the iPhone 2023

Adjust settings on the Personal Voice screen to use your Personal Voice


How to use Personal Voice in iPhone 2023
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Set your Personal Voice as the default for Live Speech in Accessibility settings
Turn on Live Speech on an iPhone by selecting your Personal Voice and creating a checkmark

How to use Personal Voice in iPhone 2023
image credit to xda-developers

Activate live speech during a phone or FaceTime call by triple-clicking the side button on an iPhone or the top button on an iPad, typing the desired message, and tapping Send on the keyboard.

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