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How to Check Your MTN Number – 10 New Working USSD Code Methods

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How To Check Mtn number

How To Check Mtn number

This article explains how to check your phone number on the MTN network in Nigeria using a USSD code. Sometimes people forget their phone number when they get a new SIM card or change network providers. The USSD code provided by MTN can be used to check your MTN number and also manage data, tariff plans, and roaming plans. The text mentions that in Nigeria, most people use multiple SIM cards from different network providers because each provider offers different services. The USSD code can help check your MTN number when you forget it due to changing SIM cards or network providers.

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How To Check Mtn Number Using USSD Code

Checking your MTN number is a simple process. Here are 10 ways to do it:

1. Dial *123#
2. Dial *663# and select “Account Information”
3. Send an empty text message to 663.
4. Dial *1# and select “My MTN Number”
5. Dial *123*1*1# and select “Check My MTN Number”
6. Dial *123*1# and select “Account Information”
7. Dial *123*1*4# and select “My Number”
8. Dial *151# and select “Account Information”
9. Dial *123*8# and select “My Number”
10. Contact MTN customer service for assistance and they will help you retrieve your number.

NOTE have your MTN SIM card in your phone when attempting any of these methods.

For ios users

There are several ways to check your phone number. First, check the back of your SIM card where your phone number will be printed as part of a long series of digits. You can also check the settings of your smartphone under the “Phone” or “About Phone” sections which will display your number. If you still have the documentation that came with your phone, it should list your phone number. Any bills or receipts from your phone service provider will also list your phone number. If you have a smartphone, you can download apps like “My Phone Number” or “What’s My Number?” which will display your phone number on screen. Finally, check the packaging of your phone or SIM card as your phone number may be listed on a sticker or label.

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To check your MTN phone number in Nigeria, use the *123# code, call customer care, or use a third-party app. Keep track of your number and have it handy for any emergency.

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