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How to Download Apple Maps offline From iOS 17 Version

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Download Apple Maps offline

Download Apple Maps offline

Offline map download iOS 17 has many different new features that improve the functioning of iPhones, including the iPhone 14 Pro. We are talking about the option to download cities for offline navigational instruction on the iPhone or iPad as a noteworthy creativity.
This feature is substantially better than Google Maps’, which is the current map service. To use this feature, your device must be running OS version 17 or an upgraded version. Follow these steps to download cities for offline navigation in Apple Maps on iOS and iPad 17.

Apple Maps Now Offers Offline Maps

1. Download the offline map and find out the chosen area of Apple Maps on your iPhone while offline.
2. View turn-by-turn driving, walking, cycling, and public transportation directions.

3. Check place cards for expected arrival time, hours, and ratings.
4. When linked to an iPhone, download Apple Maps on the Apple Watch.
5. Check the availability of electric car charging stations in real-time.

How to Download Offline Maps for Travel

  • – Go to your profile photo and pick the Offline Maps area to download from a location through the Maps app on your iOS device.
  • – Tap the Download New Map column and type the city name you picked.
  • – Change the layout to fit the region by tapping the location pin in the map result.
  • – Wait for the city to download; you’ll be alerted when it’s finished.
  • You can browse the downloaded city even if you are not connected to the internet.
  • Swipe left on a downloaded city and tap remove to erase it.
  • Tap on your avatar and pick the new Offline Maps icon to download a map.
  • Search for the required region and refine the preview’s boundaries.
  • The map will display the amount of storage space required.
  • Tap the “Download” option. That’s all.


Apple Maps’ offline route download size varies depending on the size of the region, and users can download multiple locations as needed. When a network connection is available, offline maps are immediately updated with the most recent updates. Users can view city streets and landmarks even when there is no data available, even though online maps are more accurate.

This feature is beneficial for people visiting foreign places who do not want to rely on Google’s navigation errors. Users may download specific regions of Apple Maps to their iPhone and view them offline, including turn-by-turn directions, arrival times, and place card information.

When synced with an iPhone, they can also use downloaded Apple Maps on the Apple Watch. It is an important update to be able to use Apple Maps without a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. In addition, Apple Maps on iOS 17 now displays the real-time location of electric cars and their charging stations.

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